Buying and Selling with HyperMind

Single Card Buying and Selling Policies

We offer a wide selection of single cards for Magic the Gathering.  These cards allow our local community to build and or add to their Magic collections.  We work hard to get and keep our cards in a cataloged format that is easy for our customers to search.  This allows our customers to search our inventory from any location.  At this time, we do not ship cards and do not plan to add that in the near future.  We wish to keep our selection around for our community.  To allow us to continue to keep our collection local and support our community we have a few rules on buying and selling with HyperMind. 

Buying from HyperMind:

Price fluctuations - Cards bought through our online system are subject to price changes.  Card prices are always fluctuating and sometimes change faster than our system can update.  This system is not able to always catch up to overnight price spikes.  If we find that a card has fluctuated more than 20% we reserve the right to adjust pricing upon pulling orders. 

Card condition – At this time our cards are not graded in our system, we grade them as they are pulled. 

Selling to HyperMind:

1. Remove cards from sleeves

2. Separate your bulk c/uc (anything less than a $1)

3. Separate your bulk rares and mythics (anything less than $3)

4. Have cards to be priced separated or labeled clearly.

5. No foreign cards

6. Label your collection with Name, contact number, and are you looking for cash or credit. 

Note* We encourage collections to be left for us to price after hours.

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