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No Thank You, Evil: Its Raining Cats and Dinosaurs

No Thank You, Evil: It's Raining Cats and Dinosaurs

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    Flower Power!, Oh No! Snow!, Doom and Gloom Steal the Moon!, and It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs!: Four complete new adventures for No Thank You, Evil! that take you on a tour of Storia filled 
with crazy characters, whimsical locations, and
 loads of fun. And that’s not all: You also get a bunch of fun stuff for your Storia adventures.

    It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs! contains:

    • A 56-page adventure book.
    • The Kitchen Witch and the Sky-High Pie, a 24-page story book.
    • Two sheets of character, creature, and companion standups, made of sturdy board, for use in your game!
    • A sheet of stickers, featuring whimsical No Thank You, Evil! characters and creatures.
    • A large, double-sided map of Storia. It’s full color on one side, and ready to be colored in on the other!

    This product requires the No Thank You, Evil! game to play.

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