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Five Little Fish

Five Little Fish

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  • Description
    Fish or Frog, what’s hiding under the Lily Pads? It’s a classic game of matching with a clever twist that will keep parents and children guessing. Flip a Lily Pad Card to see which fish you need to catch. Use a Fishing Rod to hook the fish you think will match. Reel it in to reveal its telescoping colored tail. If it’s a match, you keep the catch! Pay close attention! If you flip over Grumpy Frog’s Lily Pad, you throw a fish back. Can you remember which one’s which? Catch the most fish to win!
  • Details
    Players: 2-4
    Play Time: 15
    Age Group: 3+
  • 3396 S Church St
    Burlington, other 27215
  • 336-584-1760
  • Thurs:4:00-9pm, Fri:4:00-10pm, Sat:11am-9pm, Sun. -Wed. Closed
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