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Machi Koro Legacy

Machi Koro Legacy

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    The first family friendly Legacy style game. Set in the best-selling world of machi koro!

    New buildings, new mechanics, new gampelay! Fans of the best-selling machi koro are going to find a lot of unique elements they have never seen before. Pirate Ships that move around the board attacking their villages to friendly Turtles that help them earn money.

    Designed by Rob daviau, the inventor of Legacy style games. Designer of risk Legacy and co-designer of Pandemic Legacy. No two games will be the same! Throughout the Campaign, elements are added into the mix that will make you shriek with delight and think on yours toes.

    Contents 4 Town boards, 4 flag tokens, 2 oversized dice, 78 plastic coins, 65 starting cards, 1 legacy deck, 1 sticker sheet, 6 mystery boxes and 1 rule book.
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  • 3396 S Church St
    Burlington, other 27215
  • 336-584-1760
  • Thurs:4:00-9pm, Fri:4:00-10pm, Sat:11am-9pm, Sun. -Wed. Closed
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