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Kill the Overlord

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 It’s good to be the Overlord. You have your subjects to grovel at your feet, limitless wealth, and absolute power over all the lands. But your subjects are plotting —they envy your wealth, and hope to steal it for themselves—specifically by removing you from the picture.

So you’ve decided to secure your power and eliminate these individuals by sending your executioner out with orders to kill the first person he meets. Unfortunately, your Executioner is a gullible fellow who is extremely enthusiastic about his job—easy to dissuade and misdirect, if you’re clever enough.
Who will be the first player with no excuse to miss his own funeral? Once the axe starts swinging, not even the Overlord is safe!

Kill the Overlord is a light hot-potato-passing party card game for 4-8 scoundrels.


Players, Ages  & Time

Kill the Overlord is a hot-potato passing card game for 4-8 scoundrels, aged 13+. It can be played in about 45 minutes.

  • 4-8 players

  • ages 13+

  • 45 minutes

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